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I like to paint and draw things. Nice things. Things I see that are not really there, or things that are there but not as I see them. I am just trying to turn myself inside out, on canvas, or paper, or whatever is close to hand. I create things that I hope will outlive me, prolong me, affirm me, and interest you. To create an image that you can hear, maybe even smell, but certainly feel. If these pictures are in me, then maybe they are in other people as well. Maybe I'll make a friend or two with similar interests.Or simply to scratch an itch. I'm currently based in Wicklow, Ireland but always looking for a new part of the world to explore.

My artwork is dedicated to children and animals. 

Almost everything you see here is for sale. If interested, contact me for further information. I'm available for
commission, commercial or private, exhibitions and collaborations. Enjoy!


 - James

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